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Adopt a faster, simpler, more flexible business management solution

With Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3), you choose the next generation of business management solutions for your enterprise to grow faster and
stay agile.


SST Management runs your business faster than ever with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all your core business processes— from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service and financials—locally and internationally. It also accelerates collaboration
and reporting, and delivers real-time insights into all costs and operational performances.


SST Management is easy to use in a familiar Web browser and on mobile devices as well, giving you the freedom to work on the go. It is also simple to manage, and highly configurable to adapt to your unique processes, role and preferences. Sage Enterprise Management is a versatile solution— use it as a service in the cloud and reduce demand on your in-house team to maintain the system, or deploy the solution on the infrastructure of your choice


SST Management is ready for your industry. Built-in functionality for process manufacturing, manufacturing, distribution and services tasks, adjusts to accommodate your company’s unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable—so you’ll never run out of capacity again—and quickly adapts to your
changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies making it simple to manage a global busines

WE ARE BEST "Companies grow 35 faster with better data"

Flexible and easily scalable to support

• Mobile and web deployment enables access to common enterprise data from anywhere and on any device.
• HTML5 interface ensures intuitive browser experience and allows for extensive personalization by users. Personalized Web and mobile user experience The SST Management interface is designed to be easy to use on Android and iOS
mobile devices. Search inventory from multiple locations; even from a mobile device.
• Optimizes inventory across multiple warehouses and locations.
• Scalable multi-tier architecture ensures virtually unlimited
• Simple to manage with limited IT, in the cloud or deployed on
the infrastructure of your choice.


  • General ledger
  • Budgeting
  • Allocations
  • Fixed assets
  • Analytical accounting
  • Project accounting
  • Accounts receivable / payable
  • Enterprise financial reporting


  • Open pricing
  • Order entry
  • Product configuration
  • Inventory allocations
  • Delivery scheduling and shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Customer returns
  • Sales commissions


  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer support
  • Call centers support
  • Warranty management
  • Service orders
  • Knowledge base
  • Marketing campaigns

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